NMPA Approved Zenshine’s IND Application for ZX-7101A as influenza treatment

  • 2021.09.28
  • source:征祥医药

Nanjing, Sept. 27, 2021, Zenshine  Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Zenshine) announced that NMPA (National  Medical Products Administration) has approved its IND application of  ZX-7101A to proceed phase 1 clinical trial for the treatment of  Influenza virus infection. The phase I clinical study is focused on  safety, tolerability , PK and food effects of ZX-7101A tablet in healthy  volunteers.    Dr. Jinfu Yang, the co-founder and  President of Zenshine, said, “Influenza pandemics have caused serious  illness, death and heavy burden to the society. There is an urgent need  to develop a highly effective therapy to prevent and treat broad  spectrum influenza viruses.     ZX-7101A is a novel PA inhibitor developed by Zenshine . It has  broad-spectrum activity against influenza A, B viruses and highly lethal  variants of influenza viruses. In comparison with Baloxavir, ZX-7101A  showed better efficacy in animal model and improved bioavailability with  minimal food effects”.  

About Zenshine Pharma    

Zenshine Pharma is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, focused  on small molecule therapeutics in the areas of cancer, viral infection  and inflammation. Our mission is to apply the best science to serve  patients. Zenshine leverages the team’s extensive expertise and  experience in developing proprietary chemical entities with well-defined  differentiation to benefit the patients. By targeting key biological  pathways to disrupt virus replication, directly block tumor growth and  enhance anti-tumor immune responses, Zenshine commits to providing  bench-side to bed-side solutions and delivering the best-in-class or  first-in-class therapeutics.